Welcome to my "Greyt" life. I live for Greyhounds because mine have brought me immense joy.

How My Love for Greys Began

Both of my greyhounds, Shiraz and Buffett came from a racetrack like thousands of other Greyhounds from around the country. My love of Greyhounds began in 1995. I was working as a TV reporter covering a story on a Women's Entrepreneur event. There was a small booth packed full of Greyhounds sponsored by a rescue group working on finding these sweet, gentle dogs homes. I had never been to a track or knew anyone with a Greyhound until this day. I was completely amazed by how these dogs were curled up, calm, quiet, and happy as could be. Content as couch potatoes, who would have guessed that in their previous life they were flying around a racetrack at forty miles an hour! They were friendly and patient with everyone they met -from the elderly to kids. When they licked my hand and didn't bark -it was true love.

I went home thinking about them and I didn't know it, but they had burned their way into my subconscious. Even though I had dogs of mixed breeds, rabbits, turtles, mice, and other animals as pets growing up, other than this event, I hadn't been exposed to Greys -they're just not dogs you see on the street that much (luckily, that's changing.) For the next six years, my personal life just didn't allow for a dog. But then we moved into a dog-friendly building in NYC and next thing I knew, one morning at 3 am I awoke and blurted out - it's time for my greyhound!

Getting My First Greyhound

So there we were living in a 4th floor walk-up on crowded Sixth Avenue. We went online to www.gfwGreyhounds.org (Greyhound Friends West, in CT) where there were many beautiful Greyhounds. A few weeks later, Elizabeth Johnson, one of the group's organizers, called me in April 2001 and said "I think I have a dog for you." Those were the words of an angel. She introduced me to Valley Aspen whom we renamed Shiraz after our favorite wine. Shiraz was outgoing and social; she loves the bustling city life and can't wait to head outdoors for walks on the streets and visits to the dog runs. On one walk, she even caught a pigeon in her mouth! I persuaded her to let it go, which she did, unscathed.

Greyhound #2

Greyhounds definitely get in your blood. Like many others who "go Grey" we were not able to stop at one and delved into "chipping." (This practice comes from the old potato chip commercial -Betcha can't just have one!) And although now living in a studio apartment with one dog should have been enough, after 2 ½ years, we adopted a second Greyhound. Shiraz now shares our home with puppy greyhound Buffett.

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